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Please take a moment to fill out the form and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Please note our turn around is 3-4  weeks. Anything sooner may be subject to a rush fee.

If applicable, please send an email to with your artwork files or an image of what you need on the garment/object.

For artwork that will be printed with 1 or 2 colors, vector artwork is needed to obtain a crisp and clean print.  Vector artwork includes the following file formats:

.ai (Adobe Illustrator)

.eps (Adobe Illustrator)

a vector .pdf (Adobe Photoshop)


For Artwork that will be printed in full color that use 4 different colors to achieve the full color print: Cyan, Magento, Yellow, and Black. This file will often be a high resolution Photoshop file. These files should be saved to print size (or larger) at 300 dpi. File formats include:



.psd (Adobe Photoshop)

Vector files can also be full color and are accepted as well.

For full color artwork, all colors should be converted to CMYK color mode and NOT RGB. RGB is a color format for computer monitors only and not for printing. The CMYK printing process is the same type of printing used by ink jet and laser printing with the 4 cartridges. Through the 4 colors and the white from the paper (or product), millions of color shades can be printed.

Obtaining a logo to print from a website is not acceptable because online images are optimized for fast downloading for the web and are typically shown at only 72 dpi. A minimum of 300 dpt is needed to obtain the best print for full color prints.


Unfortunately, you can’t simply open a low resolution file and “save as” a vector format as well. This does not meet requirments.

If these guidelines cannot be met and/or a design is needed. Please contact with your idea. We do not offer logo and brand packages at this time, however, we can recommend some professionals.

Thanks for submitting!

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